vineri, 23 iulie 2010

Winamp test 2.

1.Who I am?
Manic Street Preachers - Indian Summer
2.What was this day like?
Kings of Leon - Crawl
3.What sould I do with my life?
Manic Street Preachers - You love us
4.What are my parents like?
AC/DC - High Voltage
5.What is love?
AC/DC - Can i sit next to you girl?
6.What I do in school?
Aerosmith - Knockin' on Heaven' Door
7.What's my motto?
AC/DC - Show Business
8.What is the first thing I think first time when I wake up?
Adam Lambert & Noa Dori & Maya Haddi - As you walk with me
9.What is the first thing I think when I see my teachers?
Within Temptation - Intro
10.What is my life like?
Paramore - Ignorance [maxim!]

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